Website Editorial Submissions:

Please note before you submit that we only accept exclusive content. If we find your editorial in another magazine or on social media, we will cut it from the issue.
Website submissions do not have a theme, but we do expect them to be in season.
We prefer they have a minimum of 5 looks, but will make exceptions for an editorial we really love.

When submitting, please make sure that all images are submitted in high resolution (2MB or more per picture) and submissions will not be accepted if clothing and team credits are not provided.
Please submit low res jpegs or a pdf for consideration.

Once an editorial is accepted to be published, it grants us permission to use your work on our website. Web editorials accept a fee of US$69 must be paid for it to be published.

Feature a Brand(s)
And for Web editorials that feature a brand(s) that has been featured in more than two different outfits a fee of US$200 must be paid for it to be published.

Website Editorial Guaranteed Publishing By Paying $250
Your website editorial submission guaranteed to be published on the website in 3 days. we will select your best photos from 5 to 10, so please send us at least 10 photos.

Full team credits and social media links. LYUN Magazine won’t be held accountable for any missing or misspelled credits. So please double-check that all people involved are included and their names are spelt correctly.

Website editorial is still required to have full wardrobe or makeup credits if accepted.
Include a title for your editorial (if no title is provided, we will title it).

Photographer: Name Name @example
Model: Name Name @example with @agency
Stylist: Name Name @example
Makeup & Hair: Name Name @example
Creative Director: Name Name @example

• Please include all the wardrobe information when submitting. If wardrobe credits are not provided your submission may be rejected. If submitting a Beauty Editorial please make sure you credit ALL makeup labels, application and tools used in the shoot.
Example below,

Image #1,2,3,4:
Top: Label Name @example
Pants: Label Name @example
Shoes: Label Name @example
Jewelry: Label Name @example
Accessories: Label Name @example

Makeup Credits:
Image #1,2,3,4:
Face: Brand used @example
Eyes: Brand Used @example
Lips: Brand Used @example

Note that all clothing and team credits need to be in pdf form when sent with the rest of your files. Finally, your files can be sent via or