LYUN Magazine

is a globally distinguished media outlet that identifies and promotes the talent propelling modern taste from an artistic and industry-driven perspective.

LYUN Magazine was established in 2018 as a full-service creative magazine within the fashion industry.
Fashion posts are driven with a dynamic demeanor to portray some of the most abstract and exclusive editorials to date, with an underlying contextual concept accompanying each shoot.

Fashion, Art and culture are the integral constituents for LYUN’ print and online platform.
LYUN thrive to provide an embodiment of culture, through fashion, conceptual photoshoots and other forms of art to portray a creative, visionary brand.

Our magazine is a place for all creatives to express their creativity, thoughts, and ideas.

Photographers, designers, models, and creatives from different parts of the world, help to bring out the new issue every month. LYUN Magazine attracts passionate readers from different parts of the globe and is highly regarded for its editorial quality and features.

Its rising prominence across global fashion industries has made this London originated media outlet one of the most sought after platforms for emerging and established talents around the world.